1.You must not make the sightings in inappropriate or underage places due to the fact Kyle is 12

2.The sightings must make sense. You can not have a time when Omega Drago is out of ball form on Earth. There can also not be any of the brawlers because this is in the New Vestroia timeframe. Those are examples.

3. Omega Drago is a fan character along with Kyle. Do not spam this wiki because of that. That means anyone can have fan characters during the sighting buts only 2 per sighting

4. Do not replace existing sightings with your own. If someone filled in a page make sure you dont try to erase it. Make a new article please.

5.You can make fanart for characters from this storyline and your own agents. I need fanart for Omega Drago and the rest of the characters do Im starting a contest.

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